Bad Blood James D. Macdonald


Published: July 12th 2011



Bad Blood  by  James D. Macdonald

Bad Blood by James D. Macdonald
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They were the best of friends, telling scary stories around a campfire. And Jays story was the scariest of all...I STARTED HAVING DREAMS WHEN THE MOON WAS FULL...He said it was true. But who could believe his strange tale of moonlight and werewolves? It was the stuff of horror movies. Only Valerie saw the hunger in Jays eyes.I WAS CHANGING INTO SOMETHING FIERCE AND POWERFUL...It was just a campfire story, wasnt it? But that night, when they heard the wild animal prowling around the camp -- and then saw its sharp, glistening fangs -- they remembered Jays words:BY MORNING, YOULL ALL BE DEAD...Bad Blood: The Novel ***The first book in the Bad Blood series, from the best-selling writing team of Debra Doyle and James D.

Macdonald. Doyle and Macdonald are winners of the Mythopoeic Society Aslan Award for Young Adult Literature.

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